Firstly, we accept to only work with those companies who exemplify the traits our customers are seeking.  We want to build long-lasting partnerships so we have high expectations in terms of communication and support from the Brand.  In return we are transparent, honest and forthcoming about all points regarding the process from prospecting throughout the sales life-cycle. 

Our team of professionals studies to fully understand the Brand’s Identity, Corporate Culture, Focus and Goals.  With this knowledge we create synergies with partners from other countries to sell and ensure that the brand message is consistent world-wide.  We look into trademarking and copyright issues in each market we enter to avoid potential loss of Brand Integrity or financial loss.  We support all US government marketing programs, and have 20 years experience in working with all the regions Branded Program Organizations. 

We provide Distributor and Market information for the Brand Owner to also understand where their product is going to be sold and how it will be sold with estimated sales goals.  Once an agreement has been established and sales orders begin to come in, First Class Imports & Exports manages the entire process from initial Purchase Order to logistics and follow up.  We keep very close communication with our partners all the while leaving them the flexibility to promote the products in the way they feel is best for their market.  We help the Brand Owner plan for issues and how to address them in advance, because no matter the company there will always be problems and those must be dealt with delicately and with respect.  Finally, we review promotional strategies, pricing strategies and point of sale branding that will ultimately help grow the brand abroad.