Featured Brand: Health Extension Pet Care

Health ExtensionWe are proud to share with you some of the brands we export. This month it’s Health Extension Pet Care; We have been exporting Health Extension since 2010, up until recently it was called Vets Choice. In March of 2015, they re-branded and restructured the way they produce their pet food and treats to serve and meet the demand of  the ever growing natural pet industry. Health Extension has been growing at a rate of 25% a year for the past 5 years.

Their new mission statement states:

Our Family is dedicated to providing independent pet owners with foods they can be proud to sell as their own. By committing to the finest holistic ingredients at the best possible price, we give pets the nutrition they need — and retailers the competitive advantage they need to thrive. – Health Extension Pet Care

Health Extension products are made with organic and naturally raised livestock, free-range chicken, turkey, duck, and beef from local farms. Health Extension diets produce stronger bones and immune system, healthier skin and coat, keener hearing and eyesight, healthier organs, more energy, and greater stamina.  That is why so many devoted pet owners will buy only Health Extension for their pets.


Health Extension, COO, Brad Gruber and his family

We export the Health Extension brand to China, Costa Rica, Israel, Taiwan, and Trinidad, with export sales over 1 million dollars in the past year. We are currently speaking with other importers to bring Health Extension to their country and are always looking for new opportunities to bring this well respected and trusted brand to new countries.



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